On November 25th, 2016 at Kakha Bendukidze University Campus was held a conference “The Co-existence of Cultures and Cross-influences – the Role of Dialogue in the Face of New Challenges”. The conference was organized by Free University Center for the Study of Arab Countries and Islamic World. It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa.

Press release of the Conference:

Cultural heritage of the mankind is a result of a centuries-long activity. It was formed by nations living in different regions of modern world. Cultural relations play an important role in this process. Co-existence of cultures and cross-influences are reflected in many ways in literature, folklore, linguistic and historical relations, religion and philosophy, economic relations,educational systems, ethnography and music, painting, architecture, people’s mode of life, in agriculture and agrarian fields, on the level of public administration and state relations. 

Today, in the light of modern challenges, special emphasis is given to the study of cross-influences and co-existence of peoples with different cultural heritage, history, religion, languages and lifestyle. The research in this direction is aimed to highlight common values established as a result of long-lasting contacts, which should contribute rapprochement of peoples, mutual understanding and remove estrangement between them.

The conference is aimed to the process of mutual tolerance and formation and strengthening of common civil approaches of our people and the peoples living in our neighborhood, which is so important in today’s circumstances. The agenda of the conference is extremely important for neutralization to some extent of the tension existing in the modern world.

Programme of the Conference