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Research Articles

Publications in 1983

1. To the Question of Government of the Noun by the Noun in the Literary Arabic and in the Central […]

Publications in 1984

“Shota Rustaveli – Great Georgian Poet”. Introductory Article to the Arabic Translation of Shota Rustaveli’s “Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, […]

Publications in 1985

1. Some Questions on the Migration of Qashqa-darya Arabs in Central Asia, Studia Semitica, II, Tbilisi, 1985, pp. 108-114 (in Georgian). […]

Publications in 1987

The Numeral and Pronoun in Qashqa-darya Arabic Dialect, Studia Semitica, III, Tbilisi, 1987, pp. 73-81 (in Georgian).

Publications in 1988

1. Auxiliary Words in Qashqa-darya Arabic Dialect, Studia Semitica, IV, Tbilisi, 1988, pp. 73-76(in Georgian).  2. To the characteristics of […]

Publications in 1990

1. al-`arab fi-l-ittihadi as-sufiyyati, al-`arabi, El-Kuweit, 1990,pp. 92-96 (in Arabic).  2. “Akaki Tsereteli. Life and work”, Introduction to Arabic translation of […]

Publications in 1991

The Vocalic System of Qashqa-darya Arabic Dialect, Studia Semitica, V, Tbilisi, 1991, pp. 50-54(in Georgian).

Publications in 1997

gurgia wa-l-`alamu-l-`arabi, al-vatiqa, Manama-Bahrein, 1997, pp. 174-177 (in Arabic). 

Publications in 1998

1. About the History and Language of Central Asian Arabs, “Russia and Arab World”, Issue 3, St. Petersburg, 1998, pp. […]

Publications in 1999

1. About Some Peculiarities of Verbal System of Qashqa-daria Arabic Dialect of Central Asia, “Russia and Arab World”, Issue 4, […]