1. Bukhara and Qashqa-Darya Arabic Dialects. The Main Objectives of the Study of Peripheral Arabic Dialects, ALF LAHGA WA LAHGA. Proceedings of the 9th AIDA Conference, edited by Olivier Durand, Angela Daiana Langone, Giuliano Mion, Vienna, 2014, pp. 113-121.  PDF

2. THE NEAR EAST AND GEORGIA, VIII. The Volume Dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of the Founder of the Institute of Oriental Studies Academician George Tsereteli, G. Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, 2014:

   I. For «Avtandil′s» Etymology, pp. 108-114 (in Georgian)   PDF

   II. Complex (Immediate) Future in Central Asian Arabic Dialects, pp. 115-118 (in Georgian)  PDF