O P I N I O N S  A N D  E S T I M A T I O N S1. The University of Montana, Office of International Programs, International Center, Missola, Montana  (PDF version of the document)2. Humanities Polytechnic, Finland  (PDF version of the document)3. Newspaper Article (in Russian)   (PDF version of the document)A G R E E M E N T S

1. Agreement for Study Abroad Programs. Central Washington University and the Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa  (PDF version of the document)

2. Memorandum of Understanding & Cooperation Protocol on Mutual Cooperation between The University of Montana & Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa (PDF version of the document)

3. International Cultures Foundation. Parliament of Cultures. Bilkent University, Turkey (PDF version of the document)

4. Agreement between the University of Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic and Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa, Georgia  (PDF version of the document)

5. The Project of the Agreement in Scientific Cooperation between the University of Aleppo (Arab Scientific Heritage Institute), Syrian Arab Republic and Georgian Academy of Sciences (The Institute of Oriental Studies – Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa), Georgia  (PDF version of the document)

6. Union of the Arab Historians, The Arab History and Scientific Heritage Institute for Higher Studies  (PDF version of the document)